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"Recruitment is the art we know..."  
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I.M.R.A. Ltd. has awarded a new Health & Care Project for P.R.S. Ltd. that will commence since July 2004 and it will cover Hospitals, Geriatric Centres and Clinics from U.K.

The new events from Middle-East has forced us to decline since February 2004 more than 5 new projects as we do sincerely care about our personnel.

New bids will be taken over since August 2004 for Construction projects in U.K. and Germany.



This is the Official web site of P.R.S. Limited - Professional Recruitment Services Ltd., specialized Recruitment & Staffing Company within Engineering, Construction, Health & Care, Hospitality, Admin & Secretarial, Sales & Accountancy, Information Technology and others domains, as well.


P.R.S. Limited  is offering to all its clients the appropriate solutions within recruitment marketing and counseling services in order to achieve mutual satisfaction through professionalism and high quoted services.   


During time, the Company motto: "Recruitment is the art we know..." allowed us to transform all our clients’ issues and necessities into the perfect solution they've been looking after since the beginning.


There's just one thing we could add to all these: give us a little vote of confidence and we'll be offering you exactly the answers and appropriate solutions you need.  


Thanks and best regards. 

P.R.S. Limited


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